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By placing your money in bonds, you become an investor, sharing the market with banks, fund managers and other finance professionals. 

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Investing in a bond is simple: just select a company and send a bond purchase application.

How do Invest in Bonds with

Investments from
1000 EUR

Even if you have a small amount available to invest, you can easily purchase bonds that will make you 8%, 9% or even more, year after year!

Fixed interest
6–9% per year

As a bondholder, you will immediately know how much profit you stand to make. The annual return on bonds available via ranges from 6.16 to 9.06%.

Total earnings - 
7 million EUR 

Since the beginning of 2017, holders of bonds available on have already made more than EUR 7 million. More investment brings greater returns!

Safer investing

Bonds will be held on a securities account with your preferred bank for increased safety.

We offer bonds issued by largest Baltic companies

  • Baltic businesses only

  • TOP3 industry players

  • Companies active on the market for at least 2 years

  • Turnover of 1–1,400 million euros in 2017

  • Employers of up to 700 people

  • Corporations managed by experienced professionals

  • Publicly available financial statements

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