How to invest?

1. Get acquainted with securities issues

✔  The profiles of the companies will provide you with insights into the performance data of the company and its bonds

✔  The profile will also provide hyperlinks to the Nasdaq Exchange website where you will find:

      - annual reports of featured companies;

      - last news about companies;

      - prospectuses;

      - risks related to the company and its bonds.

This information will help you choose the most attractive company for making an investment. 

2. Fill in the online application for purchasing bonds

Once chosen the appropriate bonds fill in the online application available in each company profile.

3. Open a securities account

To purchase bonds you will need to have a securities account at any bank

If you do not have the securities account yet, you can easily and for free open it at BlueOrange. Just choose the option I would like to open the account at BlueOrange while filling in your application and we will contact you within 2 working days to open the account.

You can also open the securities account at your bank.

4. Transfer funds and place an order

Transfer the necessary amount of funds to your account and place a buy order

 If your securities account is at BlueOrange, we will contact you and help to close the deal.

 If your account is at the other bank place the buy order in your online banking system* or contact your bank’s brokers by phone.

Each bank has its own application forms for orders. To fill in the form correctly you may wish to contact us for a consultation. 

After confirming the order, usually within 2 working days, you will receive your bonds to your securities account. You will also get the regular coupon payments to this account.

The full list of Nasdaq Riga members can be found here