Elko Group AS

ELKO Group is one the region's largest distributors of IT products and solutions. 

Company represents 180 IT manufacturers, and provides a wide range of products and services to more than 7 000 retailers, local computer manufacturers, system integrators and enterprises within various sectors in 30 countries in Europe and Central Asia. The Group's turnover in 2016 amounted to 1,460 million US dollars.

At the moment, more than 700 people are employed with ELKO. ELKO Group belongs to several legal entities and investment fund Amber Trust. ELKO Group is headquartered in Riga, Latvia.

Security information

ISIN                                                LV0000801892

Ticker                                            ELGB080018A

Total number of securities     8,000

Nominal value                            1,000 EUR

Issue value                                   8,000,000 EUR

Listing date                                 21.03.2016.

Maturity date                             16.10.2018.

Annual Coupon                          8%, 1/4th paid quarterly

Yield                                              8% per annum

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