ExpressCredit SIA

SIA ExpressCredit is a licensed non-bank lending institution, which was founded in the 2009. SIA ExpressCredit operates 95 branches under the brand name Banknote in 38 largest Latvian cities and towns. SIA ExpressCredit offers loans against pledge of movable property (Lombard credits), loans without collateral, loan against vehicle collateral and mortgage loans. The Company has provided services to more than 300 thousand customers.

Security information

ISIN                                                       LV0000801322

Ticker                                                   EXPC150020A

Total number of securities            3,500

Nominal value                                   1,000 EUR

Issue value                                          3,500,000 EUR

Listing date                                        14.04.2014.

Maturity date                                    25.12.2020.

Annual Coupon                                 15%, 1/12th paid monthly

Yield                                                     15% per annum

Minimum investment amount      1 000 EUR 

Unfortunately, bonds issued by this company are all sold out.

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