Mogo bonds 

AS “mogo” offers classical finance lease and lends against vehicles already owned by clients (a type of service known as leaseback), which is available by filling out an application on the company website, mobile website, over the phone, enquiring with one of more than 270 affiliated car dealerships, or at one of its client service centers in major cities throughout Latvia. Company has more than 10 thousand active customers. Mogo group companies also operate successfully in Estonia, Lithuania, Georgia and Poland, with more plans to expand business in other countries.

Security information

ISIN                                                   LV0000801363

Ticker                                               MOGO100021A

Total number of securities        20,000

Nominal value                               1,000 EUR

Issue value                                      20,000,000 EUR

Listing date                                    11.11.2014.

Maturity date                                 31.03.2021.

Annual Coupon                              10%, 1/12th paid monthly

Yield                                                  9.06% per annum

Minimum investment amount    1 000 EUR

Please submit the application and we will contact you shortly to complete the deal