Storent Investments bonds 

“Storent Investments” group operates as a construction and industrial equipment rental company in Baltic countries, Finland, Russia (Kaliningrad) and Sweden. Equipment offered for rent by "Storent Investments" consists of industrial and construction brands of leading Western manufacturers. Group rents both, their own and equipment owned by third-parties via "Storent’s" rental platform. Group companies also provides assembly and removal, tractor machinery operator, transportation and sale services.

Security information

ISIN                                                   LV0000802304

Ticker                                               STOR080020A

Total number of securities        100,000

Nominal value                               100 EUR

Issue value                                      10,000,000 EUR

Listing date                                    29.06.2018

Maturity date                                 30.06.2020

Annual Coupon                              8%, 1/4th paid quarterly

Yield                                                  6.85% per annum

Minimum investment amount    1,000 EUR

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