VIA SMS Group SIA bonds 

SIA VIA SMS Group has been providing loans without collateral to individuals since 2009. It operates under the brand names VIA SMS, SAVA Card, VIA CREDIT and VIA CONTO, and offers loans for up to 12 months in Latvia, Czech Republic, Poland, Sweden and Spain. VIA SMS Group has more than 750 000 registered customers. The total amount of loans issued annually has reached EUR 55 million.

ViaSpar, which is part of VIA SMS Group, has received permission in Sweden to attract deposits in the amount of up to SEK 50 000.

Security information

ISIN                                                    LV0000802064

Ticker                                                 VIAS125019A

Total number of securities         6,105

Nominal value                                 1,000 EUR

Issue value                                        6 105 000,00 EUR

Listing date                                       05.08.2016.

Maturity date                                   25.05.2019.

Annual Coupon                                12.5%, 1/4th paid quarterly

Yield                                                    8.78% per annum

Minimum investment amount     1 000 EUR 

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